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Motocross, Monster Trucks, Magic. Oh my!

Posted: August 28th, 2013

Christian Illusionist Brett A. MyersWhat do BMX bikes, a monster truck show, and a Christian illusionist have in common?  Apparently they combine to make a fantastic event for dads and their families!

Brett and I have had one incredible ride on our illusion tour this summer!  We’ve partnered with so many conferences, camps, and churches that it’s hard to even begin recapping the trip.  So I’ve decided to mention a few of our highlights over the next few weeks before the fall craziness really kicks in.

In June, Brett and I had the incredible opportunity to join Family Life Fellowship in Moberly, MO, for Dads Fest.  It was a free event open the community and included and entire afternoon of free activities and food.

As Christian Illusionists, Brett and I have been invited to participate in many community events.  However, this event catered specifically to dads.  It celebrated Father’s Day with an energy I’ve never before seen!

We wandered outside before our first program to hear the roar of the monster truck giving rides to families.  We also heard the pulsing rhythm of a drum line performing to popular songs while crowds gathered.  And I spotted several bags of cotton candy among the masses.

In a town with one of the highest divorce rates in the nation, Pastor Vic Comstock and his team at FLF strive to create environments where families can thrive.  They recognize that fathers have an invaluable impact on the health of families.

Any the most inspiring part of this church’s story is their reputation within their community.  Even the clerk who checked us into our hotel was excited to hear about Dads Fest saying that everything that the church did was awesome.

It’s not about having the coolest event.  It’s about creating environments for life change.  This mission is our great passion, and it’s one that Vic and the people of FLF have embraced wholeheartedly.  Thanks for the chance to join the fun, guys!


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