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Reaching New Heights in 2014

Posted: December 27th, 2013
Christian Illusionist & Aerialist Labrina

Christian Illusionist & Aerialist Labrina

This new year, Christian Illusionists Brett A. Myers and Labrina will begin integrating an exciting new art into their stage show. “We are very excited to begin touring with Labrina’s aerial silks,” says Brett. For those unfamiliar with what exactly aerial arts are, it’s like acrobatics except that it takes place 15-20 feet in the air.

Labrina has been studying aerial arts at the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts for the past few years. Her first inspiration for learning this art came when she was 6 years old at a Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey Circus. “I remember seeing people flying, swinging, and inverting through the air. Their defiance of gravity seemed like magic. The next day, I went outside to our rope swing and imagined that I was the aerialist, swinging and flying through the air.” Fast forward a few years, and Labrina is now ready to make that dream a reality.

This new combination of blending illusions and aerials arts will create a new and one of a kind experience for their audiences. In fact, in 2014 Brett & Labrina will be the only touring christian illusionist and aerialist duo in the country. Be sure to check out one of their many appearances in 2014 by clicking on their tour schedule.


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