Proclaiming the word of jesus christ through the art of illusion


We feature three different shows to suite the size, age, interest of the audience.

Illusion & Truth

Christian Magician Broom

This show targets family audience for the purpose of evangelistic outreach. Comedy, mystery, and music combine to form a truly entertaining experience for everyone. During the show, I share the message of Jesus Christ in a very non-threatening manner. I use simple illusions to demonstrate how each of us can have a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This show is very versatile and can accomodate almost any environment. The durations for this show is 45-60 minutes.

Journey Beyond the Natural

Christian Illusionist Floatin TableThis show targets teenagers and young adults with the purpose of unmasking deception in our culture today. I present the first half of the show in a very believable manner, allowing the audience to assume that I have been given some sort of supernatural ability. I then take them behind the scenes and show them how cleverly and easily they were deceived and present the real supernatural, Jesus Christ. The purpose of the show is to show the audience how easy it is to be deceived. The presentation leads the audience to this simple conclusion: we must trust in our faith and not in our faulty perceptions or experiences.

The Wonder of Christmas

BAMChristmasWe are excited to let you know about a NEW unique show we’ve developed for the holiday season called “The Wonder of Christmas.” We’re fusing amazing illusions with best of the holiday spirit to take our audience on a journey of joy, hope, and the true meaning of the season. Ultimately, our primary goal is remind people that God’s presence in us is His greatest present to the world.



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Tour Schedule

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