Proclaiming the word of jesus christ through the art of illusion


Genesis DVD

Price $15.00

Description: The ultimate beginner’s magic DVD. Learn how to do 10 incredible illusions plus as a bonus learn the first illusion Brett ever performed.

Stories DVD

Price $15.00

Description: Share your Story! Learn how to present Biblical truth using these powerful illusions.

Levitation Kit (Sold Out)

Price $25.00

Description: Brett will teach you how to make things levitate, float, and fly with the items inside this kit.

Vanishing Kit (Sold Out)

Price $25.00

Description: Ever want to make something disappear? In this kit, Brett will show you some of his favorite things to make disappear, reappear, and morph.

Magic Coloring Book

Price $10.00

Description: This is no ordinary coloring book. In fact you don’t even need crayons to make the black and white pages turn to color. But watch out, because all of the pages will turn blank upon your command.

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